Paris Cesvette live at Deep Into Soul ( Orange Yard, Soho)
Paris Cesvette live at The Beach Star Ibiza
Paris Cesvette live at Pirate Studios for House Matters




"Great DJ who knows how to make the floor move, look forward to seeing her again!!!!"

-  Lee Ashford

"Check out the smooth & soulful selections from one of the UK's leading ladies, Paris Cesvette"


When you think of Soulful House, Paris Cesvette is a DJ & Producer that should be at the tip of your tongue.

Hailing from the British hills of Hertfordshire in England, Paris has established herself as the leading lady in the Soulful House genre for over a decade. It will not take you long to get hooked and seduced by her flawless, seamless mixes and room-shaking DJ style that has seen her play in nightclubs and festivals all over the world.

Starting as a Jazz and session musician she evolved into a producer with a strong signature stamp that is easily recognised and adored by music lovers from all corners of the dance floor.


A true collector of rare and soulful classics her chart-topping R&B, Soulful, Jazz infused House productions and remixes ooze a musicality, passion and prowess that shows sophistication, innovation and style that proves what an evergrowing musical force she remains to be.

Even with over 150 productions, it's safe to say we have only reached the tip of the iceberg of what's to come from Paris.

Photo By: Gavin Mills






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